An ominous turn! David and the Lion’s Den chapter alert —

Remember the poor immigrant boy who was ripped off at the bus terminal and then set to work as a brick mason’s tender? He was living in terrible conditions, but he seemed relatively safe. No more! Are the stories beginning to intersect? Perhaps, but remember when reading this novel, and right up to the very last page, that sometimes what you’re looking at isn’t what you see.

Author’s notes:

The real Cucina Della Fontana restaurant in Greenwich Village was owned by a Colombian man who employed a young family member as the weekend manager. This is probably an excellent time to mention that this story is entirely fictional, and that neither the owner nor the manager were anything at all like the characters in the novel — other than the fact that the manager was exceptionally beautiful. They were both very kind and generous people who would never have got up to any of the shenanigans I’m writing about.

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