An excess of meaning! Wow, can I ever relate to that. What a great coining.

I’ve never been one of those atheists who grumble that believers must be psychotic when they hear voices from God. I suppose that’s because I’ve experienced strong religious faith in my life and I know what the ineffable feels like.

Jack Preston King and I were just discussing our Muses the other day, as a matter of fact. While you and Jack might interpret the experience differently than I do, I couldn’t ever dispute the validity or sanity of the experience itself.

If you and Jack haven’t read each other yet, by the way, I think you’d both be interested in doing so. Jack has written a book about rediscovering faith and about the general validity of spirituality. I don’t always agree with his conclusions, but his observations are important and his arguments rock solid.

However that voice led you to write “Letter to my Congregation,” I’m glad you did. You and Emily are doing important work and touching a lot of lives.

I’m grateful for the voice, and for your excess of meaning, however they might have ultimately crystalized.

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