Absolutely! This is why LGBTQ people often accuse evangelical Christians and the Roman Catholic Church of conducting witch hunts against us. We are a tiny, reviled minority while they are majorities that exercise huge amounts of political power and spend vast sums of money in order to hurt us.

I want a Catholic high school fires a teacher or guidance counselor for being a lesbian, that’s a witch hunt. When they tell a high school student to stop protesting that or be expelled, that’s a witch hunt.

When Evangelical Christians conspire in Texas to change state regulations to make it possible for social workers to refuse to serve LGBTQ people, that’s a witch hunt.

When the BBC tells its reporters they are no longer to allowed to attend Pride marches that include a transgender element, that’s a witch hunt.

All of those are examples of huge majorities exercising their power to hurt members of minorities who can do almost nothing to stop it.

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